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Euthanasia is one of the most complicated issues in the...

Euthanasia is one of the most complicated issues in the medical field due to the debate of whether or not it is morally right. Today, the lives of many patients can be saved with the latest discoveries in medicine and technology. But we are still unable to find cures to all illnesses, and patients have to go through extremely painful treatments only to live a little bit longer. These patients struggle with physical and psychological pain. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. discusses the topic of just and unjust laws in his â€Å"Letter from Birmingham Jail† which brings into question whether it is just to kill a patient who is suffering or unjust to take that person’s life even if that person is suffering. In my opinion people should have the†¦show more content†¦Without the treatment she only had a couple of months to live. According to Dyck, patients should not be subjected to medical treatment without their consent. In some cases Passive euthanasia could be performe d if the patient has a terminal illness. In such cases like those that involve an advance cancer, chemotherapy will affect the patient physically and emotionally in extreme ways. If the doctor can find no possible cure and the patient decides to stop the treatment, then their choice of Passive Euthanasia should be respected. If the treatment will help in somehow, then it should be done; but if instead of decreasing suffering it increases suffering then it is the patients decision. On the other hand, Active Euthanasia is when doctors will accelerate the process to end the life of the patient directly, with such procedures like lethal injection. For example, in 1991 Dr. Nigel Leigh Cox administered an injection of two ampoules of potassium chloride to Lillian Boyes when her rheumatoid arthritis became unbearable. As a result her son thanked Dr. Cox, but Cox was soon put on trial for attempted murder. According to James Rachel’s paper on Active and Passive Euthanasia, once the i nitial decision not to prolong the patients agony has been made, active is preferred rather than passive. His example focuses on the case of â€Å"a patient who is dying of incurable cancer of the throat is in terrible pain, which can noShow MoreRelatedThe Death Of The Medical Field Essay1598 Words   |  7 Pages Deathly Terminal â€Å"Dying an experimental death, that is, chemically and purposefully simulating the condition of one who is dead, based on higher brain functioning † (Soh 221). Legalization of suicide in the medical field is a complicated topic involving legal and ethical backgrounds, decisions within the state of the patient and their physician of care must be closely examined. Assisted suicide, to be exact, is the act when the physician provides medication or a prescription to a patient at hisRead MoreEuthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide Essay1731 Words   |  7 PagesEuthanasia and physician assisted suicide are both types of medical assistance aiding in ending a suffering patient’s life. This pain may be due to a terminal illness and suffering as well as those in an irreversible coma. This practice of doctor assisted suicide is illegal in many countries, but is increasing in popularity as people start to recognize the positive aspects that euthanasia has to offer for thos e that fit the criteria. Euthanasia is essential for those, placed in such life diminishingRead MoreThe Debate Surrounding Self Termination2629 Words   |  11 PagesThroughout the course of history there has been much discussion as to whether human beings have the right to bring an end to their lives, and under what circumstances such an action may be considered morally and ethically acceptable to society. Whether or not we as humans have a right to die is a difficult and complicated matter and it is not one that has a simple answer. It cannot just be said that as we are born into this world we have a right to life and that therefore every human also has a rightRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide - Essay1944 Words   |  8 Pagescalled euthanasia. It is a highly debated topic on whether it should be legal or not. Some states have taken different stands on this question, some making it legal to do. I believe that every citizen who is suffering from a degenerative, painful or fata l condition, should have the right to decide if they want the option of a physician assisted suicide. I believe in a society such as ours we should all have the right to die with some kind of dignity. Although there are several debates againstRead MoreThe Concept and Origin of the Assisted Suicide Movement3079 Words   |  12 PagesOne of the most contentious issues in the entire field of healthcare and end-of-life care is the notion of assisted suicide, wherein the individual who wishes to end his or her own life is assisted by someone else, usually a physician. As Werner (2005, p. 135) notes, straightforward answers to the difficult questions concerning the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide are not yet available, but one can at least have a more robust conception of the issues history, which in turn allows oneRead MoreHsm 542 Week 12 Discussion Essay45410 Words   |  182 Pagesgenetics, genetic research, or the human genome project, develop a set of legal and ethical guidelines, which can be applied to genetic issues for the conduct of medical practice and/or research. | B | Given the contentious debate surrounding issues of procreation, develop an institutional policy, which can be applied to the range of treatment and research issues related to procreation. | C | Given the mandate for advance directives, informed consent, and the legal obligation to report, illustrate

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