Saturday, June 8, 2019

Article review in fashion industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Article review in fashion industry - Essay ExampleHowever, this whitethorn not be always easy for the companies to know what designs offends or goes against cultural beliefs and practices of an individual society2.However, there are certain ways that designers can avoid conflicts and anger others using their designers3. For instance in the case of Urban Outfitters, in the controversy regarding the grey and white striped pattern combined with a pink triangle, may be the Company would have changed the color of the stripes and the triangle shape to a different one, and that way it would not have offended anyone. Also, in cases of lens hood as F**k Shirt and Pro-booze Shirts for Kids, Urban Outfitters would have avoided using offending logos, in particular, to the parents who always wish that their children would not suffer due to oppose fashion influences.I believe that it is possible to convince the market people on any controversy, but if only it is not repeated several times. Fur thermore, ask for genuine apology can make the market people change their attitude and perceive the apologizing party as sensitive, and thus forgive

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