Tuesday, June 11, 2019

In My Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

In My Life - Essay ExampleOn a own(prenominal) point of view, the family, workmates, associates and other people with interaction are normally whom friendships are established. There are different types of friendships on the basis of associations. One of the relationships that I separate importance to is the friendship established with family members such as my mother and sister. The said friendship posterior be classified as deep and emotional (Pangle 37-39). This can be attributed to the fact that the relationship tied by blood is strengthened by the friendship. In addition, in terms of the friendship with my mother it is of higher realize and respect as compared to the friendship with my sister which can be considered as a relaxed interaction with the added understanding of being a sibling.The friendships that had been established with work associates which in my case are that of the members of the military can be considered as another type of relationship of positive influenc e (Pangle 37-39). Commonly, such friends are the people in the workplace who can be considered with ease of interaction, initially in relation to the job. They can in turn lead to lifetime friendships. Based on ain experience, the friendships from profession can be considered trustworthy on the basis of the events of being in similar danger specifically in the military. The said people commonly share the same passion for a particular field or area of expertise wherein the connection can be attributed.Another set of friendships that I considered of importance are the friends from school. School friendships can be limited to the campus but then the said relationships can also be the longest affiliation since roughly friendships can survive through adult life. The said group is composed of the people that can be classified as buddies, intellectual friends and even ego actualized friends. Basically, in my life the typical

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