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Quality and Reliability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Quality and Reliability - Essay ExampleIt is through expression that employees give expression to their commitment to work, level of motivation and their attitudes. Therefore, some(prenominal) officials while expressing commitment to work have some differences in perception. The number one priority for plant manager should be to minimise defects at the adorn level itself. Detecting defects at the time of packing/ machining level not only increases the production costs but also adversely affects the net output. discrimination of opinion is also a result of compatibility. General foreman is with the company for quite a while now while chief inspector has coupled just a year back.Training of departmental inspectors can be a good option to invest in future, because training and development activities argon the main mechanisms through which individuals goals and aspirations can be integrated with organisational goals and requirements. Training not only helps in developing knowledge and technical skills but also represent in change in attitudes as well. It needs to be emphsised to the inspectors that training is basically a task-oriented activity aimed at improving performance.There is also a problem of authority and coordination between horizontal differentiation between organisational units. This needs to be resolved amicably. This is plant managers task to assign duties and responsibilities in the chain, which must count to be logical and balanced. Let both general foreman and chief inspector should horizontally report to the plant manager, because this way I get feedback from cardinal different checkpoints. All three departments will have the existing arrangement for the time being, because in any case campaign for better quality has already started.Ans. 2 Dr. W. Edwards Deming We have learned to live in a world of mistakes and defective products as if they were necessary to life. It is time to adopt a new philosophical system in America.2 The managers of a bove mentioned case study must take a cue from this statement of Dr. Deming. Known as the father of Japanese post-war industrial revival, Dr. Deming was born in 1900 in United States. He remained largely unknown in his native USA until he was discovered by the media in 1981. The Deming cycle or the PDCA cycle3 is a continuous quality improvement cycle consisting of a logical sequence of four repetitive steps for continuous improvement and learning Plan, Do, reverse and Act. This cycle was an improvement over the Shewart cycle. Dr. W. Edwards Deming* was a statistician and a student of Dr. Shewhart. His early career was spent teaching the application of statistical concepts and tools within industry4. He was invited to Japan at the end of World War II by

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