Friday, July 26, 2019

Apple computer company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Apple computer company - Case Study Example It is actually the customers of a particular organization that maintains the status of the business' capability to exist within the commercial industries in the society today. Likely though, with the changing trends of economy in the global scene, The impending need to increase business resources today has actually been the main cause of failure among businesses in particularly generating the right amount of focus needed in creating customer satisfaction programs that would likely increase the capability of the companies in generating the needs of the customers in a much more reasonable perspective. Obviously, because of the many changes in the society today, it could not be denied that the systems of business operations handled by the current entrepreneurs in the different human communities around the world also follow a changing trend that is now more focused on generating profits for the organizations. Because of the financial demands of the current situation in the global economy, business administrations are already having a hard time allocating sources to support the needed balance in giving both the company as well as the company itself, the value that it needs to receive from the business operations that they perform daily in business. Ethical measures on the matter though particularly points out the need to be balanced in all aspects of business operations. ... Certainly, with all these considerations, it could be observed that Apple Company is able to provide its company the right kind of products that they need and they demand for. - Price Understandably, seeing to it that the customers receive what they want and what they need from the business means that the business needs to be strongly capable of handing matters of customer satisfaction seriously and conscientiously (Gitman, 2000, 13). Most often than not, sacrificing certain financial gains may be one of the key procedures needed to be considered in handling issues such as this one. However, although risky at some point, modern entrepreneurs see that generating the business capabilities in handling customer needs at a higher level of service and attention from the administration of a business organization generates more customers who are satisfied and are recurrently returning resulting to more gains for the business at that. certainly, it could be summed up to the claim that as the organizations focus on giving the customers what they want, they are then much more able to generate the profit that they need for continuous operation in the global market. To sum up everything, it has been noted by the authors Cunningham and Gunn, customers are likely the best source of business success in the society today. Understandably, the authors point out that the blood of each business organization today are their clients (2004, 17). It is through this understanding that entrepreneurs should actually be able to find a way by which to regulate their systems to make it possible for their clients to actually receive the services and products that they are due. It is only through this that

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