Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Global Warming Video Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Global Warming Video Analysis - Essay Example Inhofe’s view is that although he initially accepted the understanding that humans were the primary culprits in global climate change (then called global warming), the recent data which has come to light indicates that in fact humans only account for but a very small percentage of total C02 emissions. As such, Inhofe goes on to state that the fact of the matter is that the Kyoto Accords have become a massive liability to the American civilian in the form of costing him/her many thousands of dollars each and every year as a function of the deadweight loss that is attributed to any nation that signs onto the Accords. Furthermore, Inhofe goes on to state that a large number of the scientists who originally bandwagon together and signaled their agreement with the human causation of global warming and supported such a belief have since, almost to the individual, begun to back down and take a more tempered approach to the issue. Although few are coming out denying that humanity has little if anything to do with climate change, few among those initial activists that pushed for the Kyoto Accords are continuing to argue for the same logic that initially persuaded them to become active during that period. An obvious criticism of Inhofe’s point of view is, of course, the fact that even though human beings do not contribute to the lion’s share of CO2 emissions, the fact remains that humanity is responsible for a larger and larger percentage of total CO2 output. As such, it is only logical to assume that the Earth’s ability to convert this back to oxygen as forests continue to be decimated and a higher and higher ratio of industrial nations belch out metric ton after metric ton of CO2 each and every year.  

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