Monday, July 29, 2019

Gobal Epidemic of Childhood Obesity Research Paper

Gobal Epidemic of Childhood Obesity - Research Paper Example National surveys with measured height and weight parameters have reported increases in child weight and thus obesity since 1980's. (Hedley et al., 2847-2850) Childhood obesity is a root cause of many health problems and thus leads to innumerable mental and physical health problems including metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes (US department of health and human services) hypertension, sleep apnea , heart disease and orthopedic disorders. (Freedman et al., 712-718) Childhood obesity is also associated with psychological and social marginalization issues such as discrimination and low self esteem (Strauss, 105). Since 1980's many research have been conducted to investigate the root cause behind childhood obesity and the ideal role and measures to be taken by parents, school pediatricians and public policy makers. Many environmental factors are examined as potential contributors to obesity but apart from vague linkages which most of the times doesn't even require extensive resear ch and are just logical to human conscience, no specific causes of obesity are identified. A recent study examined the relationship between the effects on body mass of children and proximity of a fast food restaurant chain or some recreational center the basic findings of this research were that children living near a fast food restaurant chain or having a restaurant in the proximal 0.1 miles from their school tend to have a higher BMI. Recreational amenities if located near child's residence tend to lower child BMI such amenities include fitness areas like volleyball courts, football courts and parks. Other research by Howell Wechsler and William H. Dates conducted under the National association of state board of education examined data on obesity amongst children and the role of schools and other educational institutions in dealing with this issue. The study also identifies important strategies school can implement and bring a change. Up till now many research has also been conduc ted to explain the role pediatricians and treatment patterns to cure childhood obesity, they identified reasons and the patterns behind obesity are listed below. Availability of food Heavy dependence on prepackaged calorie dense meals due to time constraint among parents has led to rocketing trends of obesity these time saving behaviors coupled with lower prices of food products that are rich in sugar fat and salt has been identified a significant cause of this epidemic. A recent study identified that consumption of sugar and fats has increased by 64%and 67% respectively (Hedley, 2847-2850). Clear linkages are established between the declining cost of fast food and the epidemic rise in child obesity. Health policies like the requirement of a nutritional label for all fast food and processed meals can be designed to increase nutritional awareness. Rapid shifts towards a more sedentary lifestyle Weight gain or loss is clearly attributable to calorie intake and expenditure in the human body and routine activities play a vital role in calorie consumption. Urban settlements lack sidewalks and infrastructure which may prove a hindrance to short walks and recreation. Studies have documented evidence that present era's children on average spend 28 hours per week watching television and time spend on television is directly related to obesity (Gortmaker et al., 356-362). Other activities

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