Monday, September 9, 2019

Discussion GMOs in Producing Food, Bioaccumulation, Green Revolution Assignment

Discussion GMOs in Producing Food, Bioaccumulation, Green Revolution and Slow Food Movement - Assignment Example The role of genetically engineered foods in alleviating the world’s food insecurity is, without a doubt, extremely controversial. Indeed, while the potential benefits of the new biological techniques in food production may be exciting in the short term, the truth of the matter is that the long term effects on biodiversity, people’s health and the wider ecosystem are rather obscure. More fundamentally, questions linger on who in particular stands to benefit from this technology; is it the wealthy in search of more wealth or the people in need? Advocates have pointed to the potential benefits that include the elimination of pesticides in crop production, the development of disease/cold/drought resistant crops, elimination of malnutrition due to over-reliance on certain crops [rice], as well as a cost-effective way of vaccines produced in grown crops (Whitman par 5-10). Nonetheless, non-conclusive reports suggest that GM crops may actually transfer the modified genes to no n-target species [weeds], and thus reduce the foregoing effectiveness. There are also mounting fears of unexpected allergic reactions by consumers in addition to unknown health consequences (Whitman par 16-18). Though highly debatable currently, a research conducted on the Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton, grown by small-scale farmers in Asia and other developing nations, indicates that the plant has extensive environmental has rm than the original pest control intention (Losey, Rayor and Carter 214). This debate is just but a sideshow away from the real looming crisis-global warming and impending dire consequences. The benefits notwithstanding, the money-profit perspective may the real driver into the GM foods and not food security. Part B 3. What does the acronym HIPPO describe? What does each letter stand for?  

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