Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Living Peacefully in a World Free of Global Warming or Living with All Research Paper

Living Peacefully in a World Free of Global Warming or Living with All the Riches in a World Affected with Global Warming - Research Paper Example Contributing to the increasing levels of GHGs are various activities in which cars and power plants are recorded to be the main sources (Mohr, 2005). Indeed, human beings also have contributions to the levels of GHGs. In accordance to what is stated, developments in different countries lead to the heating up of the planet Earth. More and more buildings are set up and used as factories in order to gain wealth. Despite the campaigns that vehicles are emitting GHGs, people do not care. The present has been seen as the moment for development even though it is believed by some, as a destruction of the environment. Research Question: Which is better, living peacefully in a world free of global warming or living with all the riches in a world affected with global warming? Scope of Limitation: Findings of this research will be limited only to the responses of ten (10) environmental experts. Results from this study will only be based from their views and opinions. Significance of the Study: F indings shall educate individuals on the phenomenon of global warming. The conduct of this research will give indications on how individuals should protect their planet. Moreover, this investigation will also supplement the existing research in this field. Objectives of the Study: This research investigation aims to study how the global warming affects the entire world. Specifically, it also aims at knowing and identifying the effects of the said phenomenon through taking a special look on the life on earth as well as the atmosphere. Theoretical Framework: The theory of global warming will be the framework of this research. Global warming, as defined by James Hansen (2000), is mainly because of the occurrence of high levels of GHGs in the atmosphere in which is triggered by the activities of man. For Hansen (2000), the effect of these gases from burning of fossil fuel is climate change. Hypothesis: The increasing rate of greenhouse gases is threatening the life on earth, the negativ e effects being on the life of human beings and the atmosphere. II. Review of Related Literature Various views exist when people talk about global warming. Some are in agreement but some are opposing the other conceptualizations of the phenomenon of global warming. For Thakur (2009), emission of gases is just the contributor to the phenomenon but clearly not the origin. United Nations Environment Programme (2003) has acknowledged global warming is responsible for the climate changes. Some among the mentioned outcomes are more intense rain, severe flood and storms, more extreme heat waves, and the melting of glaciers. With the rapid changes, it is expected that all the fundamental Earth systems would also alter leading to the disturbance in all the aspects of environment. This disruption would then affect the lives of human beings because of the possible effect to food security. These changes, in effect, will inflict harm on human health. Eipsten (2000) added that with the rise of te mperature comes along the rise of many health diseases. This perspective fears the fact that it may not be possible for the human kind to have its next generation due to the effects it may cause the people. However, the contextualization of carbon causes global warming has been opposed. In Happer’s (2011) article, he claimed that the current warming that the planet currently

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