Sunday, September 8, 2019

PSYCHOLOGY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

PSYCHOLOGY - Essay Example It is a perfect example of what life is all about, and how to lead a righteous life. The tests reveal a hidden bias just like it is meant to disclose. I completed two demonstration implicit preferences tests: one for skin tone and the other for age. Skin tone IAT reveals automatic preference for light skin compared to dark skin. I believed that my preference for light skin to dark skin was neutral. This means that I do not have any automatic preference for any skin tone. The results from the demonstration tests show that I have â€Å"little to no automatic preference between Light Skinned People and Dark Skinned People†. Age IAT is a test that often shows the level of automatic preference for the young over old people. In this test, I gave my answer as preferring old over the young. The results, however, indicate that I have a high level of preference for the young over the old. Strong automatic preference for the young over old is 35%, moderate automatic preference is 29%, while slight automatic preference is 16%. Overall results show that I have â€Å"a mo derate automatic preference for Young compared to Old†. From these results I have learnt that I have some hidden bias. This could affect intercultural communication because of the unknown bias towards certain communities or cultures. Ethnocentrism is the consideration of one’s culture as superior to others, so that, the culture and its practices are used as a standard for interpreting norms, communication, values and beliefs of other cultures (Wood, 2011). This means that any culture could be superior or inferior depending on the person interpreting the values. With this knowledge, however, it is important to recognize that every culture should be appreciated. A stereotype is a kind of belief about an individual or a group of people. It is a generalization of a group of people or individual that does not allow social variation or individual differences. Stereotypes arise from images found in mass

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