Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Below the line marketing activities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Below the line marketing activities - Essay Example Below the line, efforts should â€Å"aspire to establish targeted relationships between marketers and individual consumers, and offer comparable ease in measurability (V12 Group, 2006: 2). The key term in this definition is measurability, which is something that below the line efforts provide. However, a below the line activity such as the distribution of target customer promotional cards would indicate the volume of promotional literature returned, offering a specific return ratio based on percentages sent and volume returned. When using this type of below the line marketing, it is clear to see that a significant advantage lies in measurability for the sake of strategic or operational planning. Carter (2006) offers a wider variety of activities associated with below the line marketing, including text message promotions, sales catalogs, trade shows and public relations events. Unlike above the line efforts which are generally variable in cost, below the line efforts are usually fixe d fees associated with the promotion. The development of various keychains or other logo-inspired products used for promotion would be common items of the below the line marketing activity. Flack (2008) offers the importance of below the line promotion by suggesting that the consumer population has evolved far beyond the traditional, promotional writing pen, thus companies need to come up with a more brand-focused and innovative series of promotional materials in order to capture the sophisticated consumer attention.

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