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Coursework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Coursework - Essay Example The harshest reaction is a condition called coelliac disease. Some other forms of reactions include non-coelliac gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity. Persons with coelliac disease and gluten sensitivity feel improvement when they pursue a gluten free diet. This Genius Gluten Free advert has presented this entire idea in a simple, attractive and tempting way, which has the potential to grab its target consumer within an instant. Meaning of the Advert Genius Foods has launched what it promises to be the first TV advert for a gluten free bakery brand in the United Kingdom. The theme of the advert offers a wholesome and tasty option for those looking for a gluten free diet. It has been presented with a quite homely touch, particularly with a mother expressing her delight in the product. The layout is attractive and appealing as consumers would love to try the product. The line at the bottom is convincing and drives the consumer to know more about gluten free prod ucts and related benefits and eventually end up in buying the brand. It is a very strong motivator for the consumers to try the brand after realising the importance of instilling gluten free products in their daily diet. The slogan ‘Surprise! I bake you a cake’, as pictured in the ad, is expressing a simple gluten free seeded loaf to be as tasty and tempting as a cake. There is a mother standing beside with a cake, and surprised expressions tell the audience about the goodness of the Genius Gluten Free brand, which is not only delicious but also wholesome (Locker & Kienzler 2009). Denotative and Connotative Meaning Genius Gluten Free bread offers full sized slices that are ideal for sandwiches. It has been created for people who rely on a gluten free lifestyle and can enjoy a pleasant tasting gluten free bread option. The advert has been expressed through a perception of a common consumer who lives on a gluten free diet and looks forward to having a daily diet free from gluten but does not want to compromise taste. This bread brand has delivered its message successfully to its target market, which is a common health conscious consumer. The meaning of a mother with a cake captures the common household attention to buy a better option of daily bakery requirements with a much better taste in comparison to other gluten free products available in the product (Martin & Chaney 2012). The advert also emphasises the fact that there are some people who wish to switch their diet to a gluten free one but are hesitant to bear the unpleasant taste it might offer. For these types of people, the Genius Gluten Free has offered a complete healthy solution with supreme taste and health at the same time. Moreover, a strong aspect in the advert is the information it is offering to its consumers to check further knowledge about the gluten free products through a website link provided (Mead & Andrews 2009). This enables the consumers, especially the dubious ones, to lea rn more about the special diet option, and what benefits a gluten free diet can offer them if they incorporate it in their daily diet plan. The complete advert is aimed to target its market with a convincing idea simple enough to understand and attractive enough to buy the brand. Most importantly, the advert is capable of retaining in the minds of those who watch it, which becomes a great factor in making an actual purchase by the consumer. Cultural Aspect and Consumer Accessibility The Genius Gluten F

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