Friday, October 4, 2019

Plastic Innovations Case Material Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Plastic Innovations Case Material - Essay Example A stable attention to new strategy and a very professional innovative staff allow strategy to reach a great qualitative point and to obtain great paybacks in the sector. The operations have supported the innovation strategy enormously by inventions of new technologies and machines. The strategy has changed from production of consumer durable items, toys and component of automotive used in industries to spatulas, pasta strainers, hand whisks and others. This has been enhanced due to change in machines from small plastic moulding machines to 24 large injection-moulding machines. Early 1980s small moulding machines were used for toys and automotive components. This later expanded to enhance production of household items. The market change in 2002 from industrial commodities to household; facilitated strategy enhancement to a greater height. This later facilitated change in expertize as seen in 2006 when a new marketing manager was hired. The Focus and Concept brands were initiated due t o the change in management of marketing director. It also changed the market targets and enhanced profit margin. The market is competitive and thus requires new innovations and ideas to keep up with stiff competition. Similarly, operation to keep up with demands and quality must keep on changing its requirements. Markets do change as consumers frequently change their aspects of environment. Likewise, operational requirements must change to meet or challenge environment change. As markets demands get sophisticated so do operational requirements do. Markets and operations requirements differ in the sense that larger markets mean more and more profit but operational costs go higher as markets expanded. Operation requires experts to implement the desired result or objections of company. Similarly, markets require qualified team to achieve desired results. The demand for idea or concept choice is less predictable that leads to unpredictable changes in schedules and large distraction in the production plan. Frequently longer operation times due to non-optimal changes require a respond to unexpected d emand or an impromptu promotion. Markets requirements in directly affect the operations within the firm. Markets range compels operation team to consistently produce quality products. The planning of the project team is affected by the operations requirements and markets target. The difference from the two must be closely monitored in order for a company to achieve the goals. Operations requirement is monitored by the management to check cost incurred, however markets is a sales team work to ensure the gap is ridged significantly. These disparities also give a planning team hectic time in convincing involved parties. Markets requirement requires aesthetics value added to goods or commodities to increase sale. However; operation does not consider the aesthetics in production only the quality of the work and costs. Competition in a market is a key value for every business, the Focus and concept idea was bore in

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