Thursday, November 21, 2019

Entrepreneur Paper and Presentation (Minicomputer) Essay

Entrepreneur Paper and Presentation (Minicomputer) - Essay Example Between 1944 and 1945, the navy trained Olsen in Electrical Engineering. The training at the navy and his work experience at a General Electric Factory where he served to troubleshoot their FM radios enabled Olsen to join MIT as an undergraduate in February 1947. At MIT, he studied Electrical Engineering where he concentrated on magnets and generators but it was not until he graduated that he heard about computers after being offered a job in the computer lab (473). It was his love for electronic that earned Olsen a position in MIT computer lab and not the grades as was the norm. This was in 1950 during which period; the IBM computer was so large and operated on bunch cards. Olsen applied great vigor during his stay at MIT where he worked as a liaison engineer on the Whirlwind in his first year. Olsen is noted to have challenged the inefficiencies at MIT and, as a result, he was put in charge of the TX-0, a project to that enabled him to direct the building of   the first transisto rized research computer(474). Olsen grew more determined that soon interactive, real-time mini- computers (474)   Olsen ventured into the entrepreneur field in 1957 when together with Harlan Anderson, an MIT colleague, approached the American Research and Development for a loan and founded DEC (475). Through DET, the minicomputer was possible, it was small and so cheap compared to the large IBM mainframe; cost was down by from between $1 million and $ 3million to about $125, 00 to $ 150,000. DET was already bathing in success just a few years from its formation. Olsen however knew too well not to overrate their ability and at one point had to decline an order of 100 minicomputers by NASA since he felt their rate of production was still too small (476). Olsen also knew how to stay ahead of his competitors. While his competitors were looking into how to improve on his products, Olsen and his assistance were working on new products. This was for instance portrayed in 1964

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