Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Western Art and Contemporary Chinese Painting Essay

Western Art and Contemporary Chinese Painting - Essay Example The essay "Western Art and Contemporary Chinese Painting" examines to what extent has contemporary Chinese painting been influenced western art both abstract and representational. The art prevailing in different areas of the world have numerous distinct factors as well as traits in common. The Chinese painting is a distinguished sector in World Art which contemporarily has innovations of western art in it. Investigation on the matter becomes significant for the academics on World Art as contemporary sector is in flourish nowadays. The people in China attached to Chinese painting demonstrate the mix of traditionalism from Chinese as well as western. Aesthetics of a nation is something that has substantial traits of entire evolution of the cultural setup of the society. Study on the topic necessitates prior identification of both traditions and the tools and techniques used in those specifically. The characteristics are recognized for them followed by analysing market for the same. The history leads researchers to remember renowned names from the field which resulted in the comparison of their works. Influences are offered by Chinese as well as western mutually which is seen in the contemporary works of both sectors. As an overall fact, real time boom in Chinese painting is being recognized through the study on the matter. Many of the current artists from China adopt complete western approach for their paintings rather than a merge of Chinese and western. Though it is accepted widely, this trend can ruin.

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