Friday, November 1, 2019

The Assessment and Prevention of Patient Bed Sores Essay

The Assessment and Prevention of Patient Bed Sores - Essay Example These ideas have been included in this research as well as how they are critically assessed. The idea of preventing bed sores is the main theme found within these pages, and there are a myriad of ways one can go about protecting a patient from acquiring these adverse sores. In conclusion the body of this literature reached it's finality by emphasizing how imperative it is to have good nursing care with preventive procedures that help the patient with adversities such as bedsores. The reason this was found to be conclusive was so that it could be ensured the final outcome for the patient could be expected to be a positive one. Bed sores happen to be a very serious complication in patient care. It is readily hard to believe that what is termed a simple bed sore or "pressure sore" can lead to a patient's death but yet, it very well can if a form of proper interventive care and assessments are not carried out right away. This point can be validated in the research done on bed sores through the Mayo Clinic of Health (2005). There is familiarity with the actor Christopher Reeve's but little is known as to his cause of death which ultimately was found to be a bed sore that had developed and gradually proceeded to get progressively worse due to his quadriplegic state. This idea is brought in to this literature in order to give a full and cohesive account as to how severe bed sores or ulcerations of the skin can actually be to the patients' health. Bedsores can progress rather rapidly and cause many complications in the realm of quality patient care but what is found is that they do not have to take place at all. A huge amount of research has been carried out by many experts in health care and it has shown that ulcer injury is a highly significant problem in caring for patients. However, following the preventive care guidelines that are found in various clinical care settings can effectively assist nurses in providing critical care for patients who are more apse to acquire these ulcerations (Lewis et al 2003). Nurses simple have to implement the correct regular assessments of patients and introduce the most efficient preventive measures to reduce these types of patient adversities. Within the country of Australia there is a definite problem with this type of healthcare complication which this literature is essentially pointing out. It is estimated that the preventive care alone is tallying in at $350 million dollars per year, which stresses the significance of the problem and introduces the probability that there needs to be a more definitive means of ensuring less occurrences of these types of ailments in patient care (Lewis et al 2003). Because pressure ulcers normally form on parts of the body that lie immobile and are constantly under the body weight of the patient, the preventive care is far more complicated. Furthermore, another problem that nurses face in preventive treatment of ulcers is the fact that many of these treatment regimens have not been found to be a surefire way of prevention and have even been known to exacerbate the problem far more than what it initially started as (Lewis et al

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