Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Dangers of texting and driving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dangers of texting and driving - Essay Example The basis for the risk in texting while driving is distraction of drivers’ attention from focusing on the road. The few seconds when a driver types some text on their phone is equal to driving for the exact number of seconds while blindfolded. There are real dangers involved in this with loss of human life being the ultimate risk. This act is unacceptable by its very nature of posing a risk human life. Klauer et al, conducted a study on the risks of a crash or near crash for both novice and experienced drivers when their attention is distracted yielded a positive relationship between number of distractions from secondary tasks while driving and risk of crash or near-crash. It was established that the risk increased at a significant rate among novice drivers than among experienced drivers. The secondary task distractions considered included picking a mobile phone, replying to a text or email and reading the same. However, the research did not include browsing the internet while driving (Klauer, et al., 2014). This gives a clear indication that texting while driving poses a real danger of an accident or a near- accident regardless of a driver’s competence. This act not only poses danger to the driver but also the pedestrians walking by the roadside (Rumschlag, et al., 2015). Consequences of this act reverberate across several areas of the society which include medical servic es sector, motor vehicle insurance sector as well as the country’s labor force.

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