Friday, August 9, 2019

Study Case (computer Crime) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

(computer Crime) - Case Study Example According to the sexual exploitation of children’s act, the accused is guilty of transporting visual depiction a sexual misconduct against children. The accused had the duty to verify that the material transported was safe for use and free of any sexual exploitation. However, failure to observe this measure makes the defendant an accomplice to children sexual exploitation. Furthermore, the defendant claimed that the evidence used against him was insufficient to confirm him as guilty. The defendant states that the goods were part of a foreign interstate commerce. The hard drives, as well as the webcam were probably made from Korea or China. However, he depended on his experience and assumed that they originated from Korea or China; thus, free of any sexual videos. It is unlawful to transport videos of sexual exploitation on children. The government requires that individuals trading in foreign computer hardware must be keen to avoid the sale of hardware with consisting of videos that sexually exploit children. The defendant is guilty as he failed to do his job professionally assuming that the place of origin of the hard drive and webcam were safe. On the other, the defendant’s trial was delayed, which is against the sixth amendment. This amendment requires that an accused must face immediate trial when accused of criminal activities. Delayed trial is a violation of an accused sixth amendment’s right (Jordan 123). Nevertheless, violation of the defendant does not make him less guilty or free from the crime committed. The court was provided with adequate evidence to prove that the defendant was guilty. It is rightful for the court to convict the defendant to avoid similar carelessness in future. In the case of Acevado, the defendant was sentenced following a panel of adjudicators’ trial of aiding, and producing and assisting in the creation of a visual portrayal of a minor

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