Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Educational Autobiography Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Educational Autobiography - Article Example I had a lot of questions about school buses but I did not want to go to school. I just wanted to play. My mom told me I had to go to school. I walked into the bus the first day of kindergarten. There was this bus driver named Betty; she had long straight hair. I remember our class. It was a beautiful class. I remember when I was in elementary school when my mom was laid off work and my dad had to do two jobs to be able to sustain our family. Despite these challenges she would encourage me to study hard. I used to really admire my cousin Sam who was an engineer. His costumes during Halloween were always science inspired. He took me one day to see The Matrix. He really was my inspiration; he encouraged me to pursue science. One thing I cannot forget is my friend Jeff. Jeff was a great friend of mine who for some reason had the ambitions as I had. He was very intelligent and always gave me a challenge in my academic life. I am happy that he is currently taking computer science in college. To me, high school was the most crucial period of my academic life. It is the time during which I was able to decide the career field that I would pursue. I remember when I was called to the principal’s office; I was very scared. I thought maybe I had done something wrong. I was not mischievous but our principal had a voice that could really scare somebody. When I entered the office, he smiled at me and asked me to sit. After a few minutes it became clear that he only wanted to ask what career I was intending to pursue. I made a sigh of relief as I told him that my dream since I was little was always to become an engineer. After asking me particularly which field of engineering, I told him I wanted to pursue electrical engineering. He told me what a great a choice that was and gave me a few suggestions of colleges I should apply. Although none of them matched my preferences, I appreciated him and left his office knowing that there was someone who believed in

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