Saturday, August 10, 2019

IMC Mix of the reformation ( Essay

IMC Mix of the reformation ( - Essay Example Reformation integrated marketing communications strategy has blended a variety of marketing innovation to enhance the promotion of their products to the consumers. Reformation integrated marketing communications strategy has integrated various promotion ideas in their website, thus engineering an eye catching web page. This has a positive influence on how the customers value Reformation products. Integrated marketing communications improved customers’ experience while shopping for commodities online. The integrated marketing communications set up informs and attracts existing and prospective customers into checking out the various product wares Reformation is offering. The purpose of integrated marketing communications is to communicate the right information to the right customers at a specific time (Caywood, PP. 323). Reformation has modified their online adverts into sections that appeal to different customers differently. The sections are divided in the form of gender, accessories and the different type of the clothing wares. Each of the sections is further differentiated to offer the customers with a wide variety of choices to compare and choose. Reformation has integrated social media in their marketing strategy thus forming a network for communication with the customers. Social media enables Reformation to get feedback from the customers about their reactions and opinions about their products. Social media gives consumers the chance to ask questions about any product they want to learn more about from the company. Reformation integrated marketing communications strategy has also incorporated a blog as a means of enhancing communication impact. The blog is mainly for creating an interactive online means to bond with different individuals in matters relating directly or indirectly to their products. The blog communicates on general things that are related to Reformation products. The blog initiates a topic on fashion related trends and other

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