Sunday, April 28, 2019

Fingerprinting Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Fingerprinting Paper - Essay Exampleterized, the most useful identification systems must not necessarily be biological or biogenic but could also entail doctrinal tied identities affiliated to ones banking activities, inter issue travel and international communication. These facets have a higher pedigree for our nuance (Jain et al., 1997). In this regard, the most fronted identifications entail vehicle logbooks, residence permits, passport poem, visas, driving licenses and personal international numbers (PINs).In future, the need to have tied fingerprinting with other more(prenominal) advanced computerized identification corroboration will be more meaningful (Lewis, 2001 Hong & Jain, 1998). For instance, the PRADO project launched by the Council of the European Union to register entirely travel and identity credentials within the region is just an example of databases could aid in get out and more meaningful identification and recording on personal activity (Jain, Bolle & Pan kanti, 1999). In conclusion, codes like national access codes, personal identification numbers and other secretly encrypted coding systems expertness be more useful than merely having fingerprint data. Biogenic data that encompass a number of biological descriptions including meat characteristics, blood groups and other hormonal mechanisms will be better options to replace the traditional fingerprinting technologies that might become obsolete with increasing global technological

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