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The English Barrier Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The side of meat Barrier - Essay ExampleDue to this the import of immigrants is a contributing means is a heavy offset. Therefore, near perfect accents will be very necessary for a non-native speaker unit to focus on work-related dealings. Similarly due to the internet burst, business dealing have to a fault been brought to stars home, free video calling and voice chats now mean that save emails will non be the form of business meetings, hence the need of speak the language well. All of these factors coupled with much are explicitly explained in this research paper, joined along with somebodyal opinion on the termination (Exforsys Inc, 2007). THESIS Before an opinion is laid out that whether it is necessary to have perfection in speaking of the English language, especially when the person learning will have to deal with people who are also speaking English as a non-native language, wizard has to skim through the modestnesss for learning English as a secondary language. T he first and foremost being that of getting a job in an English speaking country, also if your interaction is with people who have English as their mother play. The second reason being that of working in an environment where English dominates the working culture even if the mother tongue is not English. Also, the fact cannot be negated that most of the business done in any part of the founding has something to do with countries other than yours, therefore a common language for correspondence is more often than not English and hence the need to learn the language is necessary. Similarly as mentioned before, the advent of technology has ensured that English governs the world as no other language ever has done in the history of mankind. many experts go on record to claim that this is now the king of languages, and may never be dethroned. near cynics also foresee it as not the case, since some major socio-political issues in the world may hold up a universal language excess. All t hese factors aside, the use of English language for the common man is luxuriant turning out to be the tool needed for making big bucks in this ever drowning thriftiness of the world (Mydans, 2007). OPINION There are always two faces to a coin, both opposite and all told different. Similarly this topic constitutes a debate about the proficiency of oral English, especially when the people one has to talk to are not well versed with the English language. Many people think that it is unnecessary for a person to be proficient in English speaking skills as there is no such need for them when conversing or corresponding with a person whose native language is not English. I tend to disagree with the hypothesis. There are many reasons to my biasness with this topic. First of them being, the level of professionalism is a key factor in inducing people to do work or business with you. An aura of professionalism oozes out for the person in front of you to see and admire. Such will be the effec t that half your problems will be solved. Another major issue that is solved when one is proficient in speaking English is that at times, is very unfamiliar with the language, as it is his second language. Therefore one has to change gears in his vocabulary to fix to a lower level, this feat can only be performed if you are well-versed in the language, not only in reading and writing but also in speaking. Many people take skinny

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