Monday, April 15, 2019

Suffering from depression Essay Example for Free

Suffering from depression judgeIn one of the first workshops we initially produced a brainstorm of ideas as to wherefore people whitethorn be institutionalised. Below I have listed a selection of illnesses which were brainstormed.Medication non-compliance Not following preaching and/or non taking medications as prescribed.Cognitive impairment Defined as unusually abject mental function, associated with confusion, forgetfulness and difficultyDepression A psychiatric disorder showing symptoms such as firm feelings of hopelessness, dejection, poor concentration, lack of energy, inability to sleep, and, sometimes, suicidal tendenciesIncontinence Often used to refer to a missing in moderation or self-control, especially related to sexual desire. Everyone worked in pairs where one of us had been sit into the institution by the other. Holly and I worked together, we decided I would be the character in the institution and I was then hot-seated. I decided I was a thirty-five year old woman who had been left(p) by her husband and as a result of this, tragically suffering from depression. As a experience to helping me herself, Holly carelessly decided it was best to leave me in an institution, not knowing this sudden throw in surroundings, faces and routine would in fact provoke my illness, leaving me worse than before.When brainstorming ideas as to why people may be institutionalised, depression seemed an obvious and popular idea. This influenced my reasons for rendering my character depressed. After we were hot-seated our instructor asked us questions about the characters we had created, I prove the hot-seating helped tremendously when trying to insure and form my character, thus making it easier to answer questions about her. As I was able to understand my character with the hot-seating, I found I was able to form a deeper connection with her I recalld this would significantly help my portrayal when playing her character.We then created a duologue. This helped me further develop my character as it allowed me to see how she reacted when left face-to-face with Holly, through improvisation. It was clear from our characters opposing behavior towards one another that our relationship had been damaged due to the institution. Not single had my condition worsened but Hollys cold nature penetrated the already bad atmosphere between us making everything to a greater extent awkward.Holly visits the institution to see if my condition has improved. This is the first time in devil geezerhood she has visited and my hostile behavior towards her shows I am affected by her lack of visits.When she enters my room I am sitting in the corner, dribbling, rocking and the lights are off she is horrified my depression has worsened and tries to leave immediately. Quickly I get up and run to the door, barricading it. I ask her why she typeset me here and left me for two years, followed by my monologue. In reply to this Holly performs her monologue e xplaining my depression was affecting her and everyone around me. Furiously, Holly pushes me aside and runs out of door, I am left crying on the floor in a ball, screaming and shouting why did you do this to me, scene cuts here.FINAL PERFORMANCEI found the final performance ran successfully, Holly and I remembered our lines and our set directions this, I thought, played a big part in the overall success of our performance. I believe my character came across well to the audience as the general feedback was positive- this showed the audience was able to identify with and understand my characters feelings and difficulties. Although the majority of the performance went well I, however, believe there is always room for improvement.Holly and I could have collective a flash back at the beginning of the scene, showing the audience the day I was put into the institution. I think this may have furthered the audiences understanding of my character and make the fact my condition had not impro ved clearer. This would not have only benefited the audience, but myself. By developing the scene in this way, I would have been able to also develop my character further on a whole, learning more about her.

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