Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Personal And Professional Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Personal And Professional Development - match ExampleTrainings, workshops, and observations, in addition to other professional study activities, assistant educators nurture their own teaching skills. This enables new and veteran teachers alike to be able to take their teaching to an totally new level. Professional development involves not only the learning of new instructional methodologies and strategies, but they in addition enable individuals to keep up to date with new technology that can be effectively utilise into todays modern classroom. In todays rapidly advancing and globally advancing world, it is more grievous than ever that teachers today strive to grow professionally in their own right, so that they can foster the continued growth of their own students as well. 2. Learning-Environment Observation Studies Gaining the confidence required to be an effective teacher can often come by observing others in action. In so doing, the mentality shifts from one of trepidat ion to one of accomplishment. As we see others performing duties well, we begin to feel that we can do the same. This involves observing multiple disciplines to gain a steady overview well-nigh the teaching styles evident in the classroom that both promote and foster an environment conducive to the learning process. It is also important to observe others as a means of teacher development. Rossner (1992) argues that, Teacher development is not just to do with language or even teaching its also about language development, counselling skills, assertiveness upbringing, confidence building, computing, meditation, cultural broadening almost anything in fact (p. 4). precept is about much more than communicating facts and figures to young lot. It is... This report stresses that professional development can help a new teacher grow in his or her abilities, in addition to leading to an add-on in self-confidence. As a new educator in the second year of a teacher-training program, it is impo rtant to understand this process begins now. The prospect of entering a class of bright, young, and energetic students without any proper training or observations under my belt would be quite frightening indeed. This paper makes a conclusion that as has been demonstrated to this point, this module has instilled in this student the importance that personal and professional development has on the manner of an educator. Teachers must be willing to constantly grow into their profession. New teachers have the responsibility to observe, learn theory, give methodologies, and adapt to an increasingly technological and globally connected world. Teaching is a serious profession. Young people only possess a limited amount of time to acquire all of the skills and training that are necessary for themselves to enter into society as productive members, so teachers must work hard to experience that this transition is as effective as possible. This begins with a thorough understanding of what it takes to be an educator, transcends into the role of exponent and mediator, and continues to the role of life-long learning. In the end, teaching is a most rewarding profession, but also one that requires a great deal of foresight and perseverance.

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