Monday, April 22, 2019

Inquiry 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Inquiry 3 - Essay ExampleI worked in the Treasury department which was a division of the pay wing of the physical composition. Like any other organization, there were diverse cultures, races, beliefs and races, who worked in the organization. During my internship, I was afforded the chance to interact with a host of different people, with different views on life and the way the organization should be run.I had both bad and good experiences but I dont theorize I will be able to forget my first day. Since it is a local bank, my internship was not simply accorded to me through the proper channels. In fact, I think the main reason that I was given the opportunity, in spite of my impressive donnish achievements, was the fact that my father previously worked as the branch manager of that branch and dummy up had some contacts in the organization. Anyway, the world is run on strong social contacts and I guess I had that as an advantage. At the back of my mind, I view that the internsh ip would be a casual affair with no need for formal attire. Therefore on my first day, I showed up at work in a semi-formal fashion, no tie and no coat and you can imagine the surprise on the security guards face when I told him I was an employee. He must have thought I was a visitor or the son of one of the employees in the branch.At the entrance of the Finance division, I was ushered into a cubicle with two short African American gentlemen, who quietenly enquired about my academic performance, my social lifestyle and gave me a quick orientation regarding the workings of the organization. They were very helpful and very friendly, with calm reassuring demeanors which I frankly found to be zero similar to the stereotypes of African Americans, which perceives them as macrocosm loud and aggressive. They even jokingly warned me to look out for certain people who they quoted as being nothing but trouble. I could tell that they were the jokers of the office due to the informal set up o f the

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