Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Toyota Case study Essay Example for Free

Toyota Case study EssayJalopnikThe crisis Toyota recalled a total of 8.8 million vehicles for arctic defects, including a business where the cars accelerator would jam, which caused multiple deaths. How Toyota responded Toyota initially couldnt figure out the exact problem, but it sent out PR teams to try and stop the media backlash anyway. The upper management was invisible in the early stages of the crisis, skewing public percept further against the company. Toyotas response was slow, with devastating results. But it served as a wake-up call for the company, which somehow turned it slightly in the months following the debacle. The company failed miserably in its initial crisis management, but thats what makes Toyotas case so intriguing. notwithstanding its monumental mistakes early on, Toyota still bounced back. Why? It didnt take long for the public to remember Toyotas previously star(p) reputation. The company offered extended warranties and pumped up marketing, leveragi ng its long-term track record and reassuring consumers well-nigh safety. Its ads in the following months were more thoughtful and sincere, showing the companys dedication to fixing the problem. Toyotas executives especially in the US became more visible, speaking to the media and becoming active in the investigations.The result The Toyota brand showcased its resiliency, with its positive reputation create up over decades of good performance. The company leveraged this, focusing its marketing once again on safety and its proven track record. It had to show that this disaster including its own horrible mishandling of the situation was an aberration. And it worked, with a little turn of events a of luck. NASA exonerated Toyota of the blame for most of the accidents in 2011 and the companys brand equity leapt 11% this year, according to WPP.

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