Sunday, April 21, 2019


IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS (CPM, ASPA, TCMA, IG, ETC.) - explore Paper ExampleIncreasing mathematical productivity does not merely mean to give the output or product in the industry in a very minute time rather it is the collecting of number of quantitative and qualitative determinants which ensure the productivity. The first determinant to measure the productivity is the look of the product that is produced by the work force. If the requirements of the customers are being met in the optimal way and the satisfaction graph of the customer is increasing then definitely the work force, machinery and managerial group of that judicature will be called as productive (Bradford, 1997). Increasing productivity through captain organization has been an emerging phenomenon of the present time as every organization cannot sort out the way to ensure the increase of productivity within or outside the premises of the work place. There are certain factors which ha ve to be analyzed forward to the start of the process of increasing and augmenting productivity. The Professional associations make sure that the productivity factors are increased agree to the demand and needs of the customers and the peculiar requirement analysis is done in order to fulfill the requirements of the organization and individuals (Alchian & Demsetz, 1972). The productivity factor largely depends upon the input given at the start. The input can be in the form of hired workforce, raw materials and hardware. The professional associations make sure that the productivity is increase by taking the perspective of the ratio and proportion of the input and output terms so that the efficiency also live the focus of the organization. For example if the firm will produce the output of a very not bad(predicate) quality within very less time then no doubt the productivity will say to be greater in the acute terms but the fact of the matter is that the efficiency is diminish because there is not inculcation of the cost effectiveness of the company and the company will shut ware within a very less time frame. The productivity has to incur the production cost and the budgeting factors of the locality. The professional associations take all the stakeholders on board in order to make sure that no troupe is outside the hierarchical structure so that the productivity can be increase in a very effective and nominal way. There is a diverse choice of productivity increasing options in the modern world because the professional organizations are being deployed by almost every organization of good repute. One of the most acclaimed and renowned professional associations that are known for their great performance in component to increase productivity of organizations and individuals are American society of administrative professionals (ASAP). This association helps the individuals and organization to work on different aspect of the professional and social life to increase and improve the productivity. As far as the professional services are concerned they conduct different training programs, webinars, workshops and seminars in order to make grow people about nurturing their skills and building interpersonal relationships so that the

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