Sunday, May 12, 2019

Arieff on Liu Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Arieff on Liu - Essay ExampleIt should be noned that Liu has used her artistic skills not merely to exhibit them as an artist but to expose the evils of the Chinese traditions. After immigrating to United States she enjoyed the liberty of expressing herself freely through murals, which otherwise wouldnt have been possible if she had been in China. She has used her art as a weapon to rebel against the oppressive patriarchal system of China. Her paintings deal with the intricate issues like foot masking and Hesperian art historical tradition. The most remarkable style of her painting is the reproduction of female characters from the photographs she got from Chinese books. One such book was The Face of China, which was published in United States and had photographs taken by abroad tourists in China between 1860 and 1912. She manipulated the images in the photographs and painted them on canvas by using Western style. She incorporated photographs in her paintings, which was otherwise discouraged in China. And a fine example of this is Resident Alien, which is essentially a Self-portrait constructed on Green Card, which belonged to an immigrant Fortune Cookie alias Hung Lieu. In this she uses her own identification card photo.

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