Friday, May 3, 2019

Article or case law search Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Article or case law try - Essay Examplel doesnt obligate an effective set of regulations to protect people once they have entered the healthc are deli genuinely system. Deaths and severe injuries attributed to lack of patient refuge are some of the issues that have been late reported. The main issue highlighted in the article is that patient safety advocates are c every last(predicate)ing for policy redirect examination that is meant to protect the patients at any health care facility they would be receiving treatment since the federal government has no policy meant to protect the safety interests of the patients.This paper is related to the nature and other facets of the law in many an(prenominal) ways. The common law which that obtains from natural law and is a source of law in different scenarios stipulates that all the individuals have the right to equality and fair treatment. All the institutions that deal with the welfare of the people have a responsibility to ensure that all the people within their territories are entitled to full protection much(prenominal) that they may not be injured or involved in other accidents. This is very grievous since healthcare institutions in particular have a duty care to make sure that their patients are safe and they are not exposed to any form of danger. Basically, patient safety is a rightfulness and it should not be compromised under whatever circumstance. Therefore, this issue is very important since it addresses some of the issues that are very important with regards to the practice of healthcare practitioners.The government represents the interests of all the citizens and it should also offer protection to the same. Healthcare is a basic human right and the government has the responsibility of making sure that this right is not violated by members of different healthcare institutions. This can be achieved through enacting legislation that is specifically meant to protect the safety of all the people who ma y visit different health care institutions. In other words, the healthcare system should be reformed so that sound

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