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Warehouse Management Services Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Wargonhouse Management run - Assignment ExampleFor the purposes of this discussion, the paper will focus on the following companies emoluments, OOCL Logistics, ATC International, and DAMCO Warehousing, all based in the United States. OOCL Logistics Information Integration OOCL Logistics incorporates technology within its services. The corporation utilizes application software MyPodium- Domestic to railroad tie breeding end to end a ford the clients supply chain. Such technology ensures timely delivery of information between warehouse clients and the manufacturers. The technology offers services such as capturing of transload data, gate in and gate out, trailers add up and waybill reference numbers into the companys system. In addition, MyPodium-Domestic application further connects the companys inventory system to the internet. The internet enables the OOCL Logistics to operate on a real time basis on a global platform facilitating up to date decision-making regarding orders, s upply chain and expected demand in the market. Real time decision-making and appropriate product allocation leads to minimum time wastage and lower cost gum olibanum enhancing the supply chain (OOCL Logistics. 2013). Reverse Logistics Processing One of the outstanding services being offered by OOCL Logistics is the snow logistics processing. Reverse logistics processing involves the following activities remanufacturing and repair, remarketing, recycling, and returns management. According to Richards (2011), returns management refers to the management of reverse flow of product that did non sell or recalled product. On the other hand, remanufacturing and repair facilitates the reverse flow of product following its profitable life. OOCL Logistics majorly concentrate on electronic product for the reverse logistics. After performing repair of recalled electronic products, the company then resale the products at much, lower prices. The warehouse also has the capabilities to recycle p lastic products. Most plastic products are recycled into newer forms and then put for sale. Reverse logistics processing has the effect of adding more value to goods in supply chain. The service also creates more avenues for increasing returns to manufacturers and warehouse management (OOCL Logistics, 2013). ATC International Cross-Docking Services According to Richards (2011), Cross-docking is the process of cartel inventory from multiple origins into a prespecified assortment for a specific customer. Most small-scale businesses employ pass over docking to replenish fast selling goods in their business. At ATC, a single invoice is legitimate for goods to be shipped from a factory. The shipment is usually a consolidation of numerous orders destined for the same customer.ATC facilitates the dynamic headroom of the shipment with US customs brokers, receives the goods into the warehouse, and further alerts the client of the shipment arrival. With cross docking, goods are able to c ampaign through the supply chain rapidly leading to low cost and demand satisfaction. The provision of cross docking services by ATC is in line with economic benefits of warehousing taught in chapter five (ATC International, 2006). nibble and Pack Services In the pick and pack services, manufacturers ship stocks in large quantity to ATC warehouses. The chief(prenominal) objective of pick and pack services is to pack the bulk goods into smaller quantities as desired by the clients be it the manufacturers or the end users. First, the manufacturer sends orders, invoices, or

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