Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Austria †second world war Essay

Owing their reputation of fine tastes in art and polish, the nation of Austria is proud of their heritage, oddly of their fame over the occupation of the Germans in the Second World War. The said countrys status remained to be uncertain after the Allies drove the Nazis forward from the country and eventu everyy occupied by the Allies. Austria became really proud of its moneyed culture and sceneries that were spared by the Nazis. The nation also celebrated its independence 10 old age after the Nazis left the country and the cities flourished.Such events that would lead to the development of a country such as war that depicts change, gives a nation a sniff out of self-importance that is reflected in its culture and the tastes that the inhabitants acquire. The geographical data of Austria whitethorn be describe as (according to the Encyclopedia Britannica as .. largely mountainous country of south Europe. Austria extends roughly 340 miles (550 km) from east to west.It is bordered to the west by Switzerland and Liechtenstein, to the northwest by Germany, to the north by the Czech Republic, to the northeast by Slovakia, to the east by Hungary, to the sou-west by Italy, and to the south by Slovenia. The capital is Vienna. Austria has an area of 32,378 square miles (83,859 square km). Austria is one the verge of development these days but still largely babelike on its agricultural side. Most of the raw materials are still sourced from their agricultural fields and lush greeneries.Despite the advent of globalization on its boundaries, Austria remains to be a country of nature. Furthermore, policies of agriculture has been into practice for years in the country so as to protect their source of raw materials. This may be viewed as a strength since the raw materials that the distillery in question may be sourced from the agricultural side of the nation, a cut from the costs that the company may incur. The introduction of the Euro in place of the Austrian Schillin g also had a positive effect in the countrys economy.(Anonymous 2006g) This prompted for developments in investors and this can be viewed as a plus factor in considering whether to expand in the nation of Austria or not. Scotch is one of the products in less demand in Austria. Together with the rest of Europe (excluding France, Spain and Germany), Austria constitutes 17% of the total demand for Scotch Whisky in 1995. The small market size of the nation may be viewed as its weakness since the local distilleries would have had the shares that The Olde Distillerie would want to have.For a small company as the company in question, it would a be a disconfirming sign in investing in a country such as that of Austria. Meanwhile, Austria cannot hide such facts that people of their nation demands objects and products of high taste and rich in culture and history such as the scotch whisky. And like other European countries, its rich taste and heritage may be a possible market for the distill ery, for as we have stated earlier, the countries are looking at alcohol as a sort of symbol or identity. non only is the scotch whisky a lucrative product because of its history, but the taste and flavor of the product may be all in all attractive for the market of Austria. 4. Spain Spains strategic location enables it to embody a nation rich in culture and experience. Its location can be described as a crossroad in Europe where, many Islamic states are present for the past 800 years of their existence. (Anonymous 2006h) However, despite the Islamic states that pose as an outside force that may influence the countrys belief, Spain remains to be a Catholic country with a strong sense of culture and self-importance.

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