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Marketing the Fashion Product Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Marketing the Fashion Product - Essay ExampleThe screen Marketing the Fashion Product talks about the successful securities industry placeing strategy of the biggest clothes retailer in the United Kingdom Marks and Spencer (M&S).The lingerie market has grown steadily over the by decades with the United Kingdom experiencing dwellent growth. M&S have grown consistently with new designs, innovational practices to record huge volume of sales in the last 5 years. The total UK lingerie market was worth an estimated 2.93bn in 2010, increasing by 17.8% over the 5-year review period. M&S underwear brands consist of Autograph, Per Una and M&S Woman for women. For men it is Autograph underwear, collezione. Marketing has always been the centre of any business. There is no other alternative to reach the nodes than a proper marketing course of study and execution. The companies need to reach out to the customers and offer them the best services and quality at competitive prices. It is no n necessary for M&S to provide cheap harvests as quality is the key to the underwear market segment where comfort counts. The twofold goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising superlative value and to keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction.The 7P marketing mix is a scientific eyeshade of the key areas of marketing which are Product, Price, place, promotion, packaging, positioning, and people. The idea of marketing mix is the alike(p) idea as admixture a cake. A baker will alter the proportions of ingredients in a cake depending on the symbol of cake he/she wishes to bake. The proportions in marketing mix can be altered in the same way and can differ from product to product. (GCSE,2001) Product selling is a critical area where the customer habits and trends find whether they want to purchase the product. Quality and innovative design are key factors where the marketers need to render themselves with answers to critical questions as to the marketability and the acceptability of a product. Product demand and the trend of the market will decide on the sale of the product. M&S have the uniqueness in them where their innovative designers are forever researching on the aspect of giving the customer an out of the box design. The body shape wear designed by their experts were special for the customers where they welcomed it and very soon it became the trend setter for the underwear brands. Apart from the core product selling, after sales services are also an important segment of product selling as it gives an element of trust to the company. Price is the second P of the

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