Saturday, May 4, 2019

Four Circles of HR Professionalism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Four Circles of HR Professionalism - Assignment ExampleThis involves having a expertness for managing people and conducting activities which may include hiring and recruiting the staff, managing proceeding culture and job performance within an organization, training the force-out working within an organization, assuring that the staff complies with the rules and regulations in an organization, and the overall management of the behaviour of mortalnel at the workplace (Sartain &Finney 2005). Thereby in a professional context, any HR manager does need to be astutely aware of as to how to conduct oneself at the workplace (Kulik 2004). There stand to be nigh predominant professional considerations related to the workplace that an HR manager does need to turn over sacrosanct.As an HR I am well aware of the fact that within a professional environment it is non only the sacrosanct best practices but also an array of rules and regulations that my conduct needs to be submissive to.I am well aware of the fact that for the personnel I manage, I am the demonstrable company. Not only the staffs that I manage to view me as the management but in the courts of law, I will also be considered to be the actual employer (Muller 2012). This realization has a serious impact on my professional conduct. I am well aware of the fact that as an HR manager I will always be directly held responsible for the things I do or fail to do for the employees (Muller 2012).The other thing that I always keep in my mind is that employees never leave organizations they broadly tend to leave bosses. Thereby I also keep in my mind that every employee that comes to work in the organization is not a passive toolbox, but rather a complete person with a heart and a mind and a soul. My approach towards employees is always imbued with concern and I hold very human expectations from them. I well understand the fact that employees do always need a feedback. Whether they are doing a good job or are not doing well, the employees are mostly not able to ascertain it until they are evinced an honest feedback (Slade 1994). I have also realized that extending a well-timed(a) feedback to the employees does go a long way in assuring organizational efficiency and thereby as an HR professional I make it a point to be thorough and prompt with the feedback I extend to the employees.

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