Monday, May 6, 2019

Rainbow Connection-A not-for-Profit Organization Research Paper

Rainbow Connection-A not-for-Profit Organization - Research cover ExampleThe children are treated at The University of Texas Medical Branch Childrens Hospital at Galveston, Texas. The constitution is aimed towards fulfilling the closing of providing effective and high-quality health facilities to the children.The ecesis also offers summer camp activities to the children along with their brothers and sisters to boost their lost self-pride and confidence.It is not for profit organization which supports children from cancer and their families during the treatment program. Rainbow connection camp is endorsed but not funded by the division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at University of Texas Medical Branch Childrens Hospital in Galveston.The organization gains its domain attention through its quarterly published newsletters, campaigns and through making its presence felt through complaisant media networking sites. However, the organization has never made an appearance in new spapers and other printed publications. The group is aimed towards the betterment and development of the children and is least focused towards political associations and grouping. The organization is lobbyist by its own group of directors rather having paid lobbies. The board of directors (officers) lobbies to catch the rights for the medical and health facilities provided to the children. This organization is a university. Therefore neither it raises funds for PAC or makes any endorsement, campaign for any political candidate, or lobby with any group in particular.This is mainly because this organization is prohibited by law from these activities or any sort of political involvement is not allowed from this organization by law.

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