Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Global Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

ball-shaped Leadership - Essay ExampleCoffee exporting possibilities range from exporting raw beans, roasted product, incase products as well as fast moving consumer products (Such as cocoa ready to drink). Although there is already a significant coffee production infrastructure it is my opinion that the market is worth entering. The Coffee necktie of Canada (2003) indicated that coffee is among the most popular beverage choices in Canada with over 81% of Canadian adults drinking coffee on an occasional basis and over 63% of Canadians drinking coffee daily. Building on this forward point, Agri-Food Canada (2010) indicated that coffee makes up approximately 16% of all non-alcoholic beverage sales in the Canadian market. mention Agriculture and Agri Food Canada. It was further indicated that average coffee consumption is approximately 2.6 cups a day which exceeds the congenator frequency of the United States. Moreover Canadians consume coffee through a number of different channe ls, al-Qaida made, at work, through distinctiveness shops discount coffee retailers. By the shear presence of major specialty coffee shops such as Starbucks, Second Cup etc. and major discount retailers such as Tim Hortons or the coffee shop it is apparent that Canadian consumers are familiar with coffee and as such will not need to be educated as consumers on how to consumer coffee.

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