Thursday, May 30, 2019

Islamic Societys Treatment of Women Essay -- Religion Islam Muslim

Islamic Societys Treatment of Women From the time of birth, a Muslim womans place in Islamic society already has a shadow cast over it. Instead of the joyous cry that boys receive of Allah Abkar1 whenthey are born, a baby girl is welcomed into the world with a hushed Qurannic prayer. Although Islam venomously denies its role in the suppression of women, a survey ofIslamic countries reveals that women are denied their humanity.The status of women in Islamic countries is undeniably inferior to men. oer thelast twenty years, progress has been made in many countries which has helped elevate theroles which Muslim women play in their societies. Although progress has been made incertain countries, in that respect shut up exist those Islamic countries where being born femaleguarantees a lack of rights, liberty, and happiness. This paper will explore the question,What forces are limiting the Muslim womans doubtful participation in Islamic society?Islams followers are approximated at 1.2 billion, which makes it a runner up onlyto Christianity that has about 2 million adherents. Women piss about half of thatpopulation. However, it is important to note that this paper examines the treatment ofwomen in the strongholds of the Islamic domain. These populations include the Arabcountries of Saudi Arabi, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait,Yemen, Israel, Oman, and Lebanon. Muslim women of the African countries of Sudan,Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia are also weighed in this analysis. In additionto these better known Islamic countries, the paper also observes the societal treatment ofwomen in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, India, and Bangladesh. About 90... ...d rationalists of yesteryear who tried to import classicideas...Women have been, are, and will continue to be targets of intimidation andviolence, whether from regimes in power or opposition movements that hark back to thepast. It happened in Pakistan in the 1980s it i s still going on in Iran and today at thebeginning of the 1990s, it is happening in Algeria. Tomorrow the same thing canhappen elsewhere...Today they constitute one of the most dynamic components of thedeveloping civil society. Although up to the present they are still politicallyunorganized, they have succeeded in infiltrating one of the citadels which was longforbidden to them chunk education. Education, with high school and universitydiplomas, is womens new acquisition. Until now all women were taught to do, fromhousework to carpet weaving, was devalued and poorly paid.

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